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Who the fuck am I even talking to???

Have you ever wondered that while posting something on your socials?

Like, who is even reading this?

Hi 👋🏻 random person whom the algorithm decides to put this post in the newsfeed of…

What’s up? 😏

And more importantly, what are they getting out of looking at your pic or reading what you’re talking about?

Do they care?
Are they interested?
Are they entertained?


That’s the the trick you need to master with your social media though…

If you don’t know who your audience is, or what they are thinking, or what they want to know, or what they need help with, or how they are feeling, or what’s going on in their personal lives right now…

You’re not going to be able to actually CONNECT with anybody.

You’ll stay stuck in the whole “I’m going to post this picture I took and hope somebody likes it and wants to buy from me because of it” thought process.

If that’s you, you should probably actually start with asking “who the fuck am I talking to” and see where it leads you…

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