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Selling “high end” expensive hair extensions with social media ads

Selling “high end” services without discounting…

I have a new client who sells ‘high end’ hair extensions, meaning most of her clients spend over $1000 for a colour and new hair extensions…

This means that she really needs to attract the right kind of buyer with her marketing and advertising.

She will need to position herself as a high quality brand, and call in ladies who “want the best, not the cheapest or most affordable”

Both types of people exist so this is fine…

However, people who want to spend less are usually more common, and therefore if she just runs ads for ‘hair extensions’ she will get a lot of messages from people who will probably tell her she’s too expensive, she will get frustrated, and she may stop advertising and blame the ads or blame people for being ‘tight arses’ or ‘time wasters’.

(This is what most people do when their ads don’t work, because they just don’t know what else to do)!

So, with this business model, I suggest she do the following to call in these type of women.

🩷 1. Really make sure your images and branding scream “LUXURY & QUALITY” = the quality of your work and your photographs will position you either as low or high quality.

The lighting, the angle, the editing, this all matters if you want to charge the big bucks & for people to perceive you as high end.

(on this note: you really need to know where you actually sit in the market in reality vs where you want to sit or think you should sit.

This will depend on your location and the type of people around you / your market = are they actually people who have lots of money?

My own salons were priced very ‘mid-range’ because those are the demographic areas I was located in. It will also depend on how you position yourself in the market and how much desire there is for that service in your area).

🤍 2. Run ads targeting women 35+ and use interests that call in people who like to spend big money, such as designer fashion, luxury cars and fancy restaurants. Make sure your ads are showing in front of people who have the money and like spending it on their appearance.

🩷 3. Be very clear in your advertising that you are NOT the cheapest. You don’t need to put your prices in your ads, although you can test it, but I find it’s better to be more subtle and just make sure you write TO the exact person you want as your client.

When they see your ad and feel like it’s talking just to them – or about someone like them – they will pay attention, and then they will PAY.

An example headline for something like this could be:

“Are you the type of girl who wants to look expensive? Nice car, nice outfit, nice handbag, nice makeup, and that ‘rich blonde’ perfect looking, smooth, soft, long luscious hair?” 🥂

….. and then follow on to speak more to them about how you can give them the look and quality they desire. Tell them why cheaper extensions will make them look cheap, because they will dry out and go ratty…

The rest of this ad can be found in my Peace Love Profit program.

🩷 4. You might also be selling these quality extensions to ladies who have already had cheaper extensions and are getting sick of them and are feeling ready to upgrade to much better quality… I would write a separate ad JUST speaking to those people…

“You love wearing hair extensions… but you are sick. to. death. of them going all dry and tangled and looking ratty after only a few months… honey, it’s time to upgrade to better quality hair . You really do deserve it and you can afford it. Let me show you how…”

🤍 5. She’ll need to put in quality effort with the conversations and customer service. This is also where a lot of people fall flat.

They don’t ask the right questions to figure out if the person they are talking to is even an ideal client before they try to sell anything to them. Heck, they don’t ask any questions at ALL a lot of the time.

I used to always start my conversations off with something like “so are you thinking of getting extensions done soon or are you just doing some research at the moment?”

And they would tell me. And then I would know which direction to take the conversation in. Thus avoiding getting all pissed off or feeling rejected when they didn’t buy.

They also appreciated me asking. It was a win win for us both. That’s how it should be with every client.

Don’t rush your posts and ads.

Don’t rush your conversations.

Put in time to really THINK about and get to know the type of clients you want to attract, and spend time talking with them and building high trust if you want them to pay high prices.

Heck, I just spent 30 minutes sitting down writing this post, and I’ll do the same again another day.

If you enjoyed it, if it got you thinking, if you’re ready to play a better game and do this well…

Go to my instagram @carissahillcoach, click the link ‘Peace Love Profit’ and tell me about yourself and your business.

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