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You are the creator. The designer. The dreamer. The rule maker. The one who gets to choose.

If you created your business to be the way it currently is, you can also change things and do things differently… if you want to. ✨

Don’t ever think you’re stuck. Don’t ever get stuck thinking things just “are the way they are” because they don’t have to stay that way.

Don’t forget you are the designer of everything within your company… (and your life).

Your prices. Your staff roles. Your hours. Your offerings. The way you spend your available time.

You don’t need to follow what everyone else in your industry is doing or do things the same way they do.

You can do it all backwards.
Upside down.
You can be the weird one…

And that’s actually what’s going to make you stand out and become more successful.

Because you’ll be doing things the way that works for YOU, instead of trying to fit into the subconscious mould you might currently be in just because of the way you’ve observed everybody else doing things.

Don’t watch your competitors.
Watch your market.
Your clients.

And most important, watch the way you feel about things and whether or not you’re thoroughly enjoying what you’re doing.

You can change anything anytime.
You are the creator. 🦄

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