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If you knew exactly how to bring new customers into your salon, how many would you add to your business per week?

Hi I’m Carissa Hill and I teach hair, beauty, lash and permanent cosmetic salon owners how to use Facebook and Instagram posts, boosts and ads to get clients and make money!

I started my own little salon from home when I was 21, and got it booked out within a year, opened my first shop and hired my first employees when I was 22.

(I had no idea what I was doing back then) 🙈

But I knew that social media was where all of my ideal clients were hanging out, so I chose to make it my own priority to hang out there too and I kind of became obsessed with figuring out what kind of posts got clients, and which ones didn’t.

Once I cracked it, I went all in, and managed to open a second store, and then a third, because I created a marketing strategy (and a system) for getting my team to run my business for me so that I could just do the social media and keep bringing in clients.

(Because I knew that’s what made the business money, so it was actually the best possible use of my time).

I still meet so many salon owners who are just feeling so FRUSTRATED with social media because they can’t seem to figure out what type of posts they should be doing or how to make them work to actually bring in customers.

(And there is so much conflicting information out there that it can be so easy to get completely overwhelmed and confused about what the heck you should or shouldn’t be doing)

But you KNOW it works because I know you’ve seen other salons having HUGE success with it.

You know… the ones with the massive followings, heaps of comments, totally booked out and in demand all the time, and really enjoying being one of the ‘cool kids’ in their industry.

I want you to know that it’s possible for you too.

I’ve been working with thousands of hair and beauty queens since 2014 when I started teaching this stuff, and have helped so many of them to double, triple or in some cases 10 times their businesses just by learning how to improve their marketing.

And I’d really love to show you how to use your Facebook and Instagram accounts to attract WAY more customers and start making a lot more money in your business too.

(Because I know you’re really good at what you do, you just need more people in your area to know it too, so that they want to book in with you)!

If you want to know how to bring more customers into your salon with Facebook and Instagram, you can get my brand NEW mini course called “HOW TO GET NEW CLIENTS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA” for 75% off this month.

You can literally complete this course today within the next hour or so and start making changes that will improve your results.

(Use the coupon code: NEWCLIENTS to get the discount)



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