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Your business can’t keep growing if you keep working in it too much. Fact.

Your business can’t keep growing if you keep working in it too much. Fact.


Think about it. If you keep spending most of your time “doing the work” and serving your clients, what time do you have left for marketing and sales and focusing on bringing in more clients and making more money?

And even if you do still have a couple of hours spare each day for this, your focus and energy is not going to be the best it can be after a long day of working.

I know sometimes at the end of the day many business owners don’t even have the energy left to answer questions in their DM’s from people who are interested in buying from them, so they just ignore the messages, and often they lose the sale because of this.

I realised that I couldn’t keep growing if I kept working in my business at a young age, and set up my beauty business to run without me working in it when I was 22, so I could go on to open several more salon locations after I did this, but it still is something I have had to re-learn over and over again over the last 14 years. (I’m now 36).

Every now and then I find myself working too much in my business again.

Sometimes because I want to and because I like the work.
Sometimes because I have to because there is too much work & my team needs help.

But every time it happens and I spend a whole day or week ‘working’ I once again am reminded of the fact that the business isn’t actually GROWING right now.

The best use of my time as the business owner always has been and always will be, marketing and sales activity.

Putting out offers that will help my audience and my target market, actively promoting them, and having conversations with people answering their questions or asking them questions about what they are wanting right now and letting them know how I can help them make it happen.

If you are not prioritising growing your brand, growing your audience of ideal clients, and actively promoting and selling your products and services every week, you will end up in a bit of a plateau.

You might be busy. You might even be completely booked out.

But you’re not growing. Your revenue each week or month stays pretty much the same.

And maybe it has been for a really long time.

If you want your business to really GROW, you need to work less in it, and work more on marketing and sales, and strategies to scale: to be able to take on and serve a lot more customers than you currently are.

If you know this is YOUR YEAR to step out of your business, even if it’s only one or two days a week, you can focus more on growth and less on being busy doing the services.


I have put my short course “6 WEEKS TO SYSTEMISE AND STEP OUT” on sale for you this week only.

Normally it’s $99 per week for 6 weeks. This week only it’s $49 per week for 6 weeks.

In 6 weeks from now, if you currently have employees in your business, you can get them running things for you so that you can start working from home, or cafe’s, or by the pool in a fancy hotel or from wherever you like (home and cafes and pools are my personal favourites)…

Stepping out of your business is definitely more of a mindset than a strategy, even though you definitely need both.

Many people don’t do it because they are so scared of things that could go wrong,

or of their team not liking them or thinking they are being lazy,

or of clients being unhappy and not wanting to see any other staff members,

or of losing money or customers by doing this…

But really, what you’re doing as the owner, is PROMOTING YOURSELF and giving yourself a new job description.

Which you probably do deserve by now if we’re being honest.

And you also need to stay focussed on the long term growth of your company by doing this, rather than the short term losses or changes.

If you’re the type of entrepreneur who already knows you need to do this, you’ve just been putting it off due to lack of knowing the right way to do it.

Then I encourage you to make the decision right now that this is the year you make it happen and start working less IN your business and more ON your business.

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