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“Will a Boosted Post work better than an Ad for my salon?”

Will a Boosted Post work better than an Ad?

It depends.

Boosts are usually for a limited time, so you choose how many days you want to boost it for.

You can boost a post for 2 days, 7 days or for a whole month, and you choose how much you want to spend.

I used to use boosted posts A LOT when I owned my chain of hair and beauty salons.

I would put out a special offer or package for the week, and then BOOST it for 7 days and spend $50 on my advertising for the week.

Even if the boost got one new client who spent a few hundred dollars in salon, I absolutely made a profit from that post.

And if she came back again or told friends?

Awesome, that $50 just made me thousands for the year.

Posts that you boost have already been seen by your followers, and if they have good engagement (likes and comments) they can get even more traction as a boost because the algorithm sees the post as ‘something people want to see.

So yes, they can work very well if your audience has responded well to the post organically (without spending any money on it).

If you have a post that you posted last week or last month even, that got a lot of likes and comments, you can edit it, add a call to action, and boost it, to get some enquiries and bookings in for your services.

Setting up an ad in ads manager, however, doesn’t show up on your grid or page, and will run in the background, showing up in front of the people you target.

You can run it ongoingly with no end date, or for as long as it works to bring you leads. You can also split test many different variations of the same ad / offer, and test different audiences to find out what works best.

For non-geeky people, who like to keep things simple, boosts are the way to go though.

(As long as your posts are what your audience wants to see, and you are not just trying to get them to click a ‘book now’ link)

So the short answer is they both work.

It’s not whether it’s a boost or whether it’s an ad that will determine the results, it’s whether the post / offer is what your market wants.



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