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Work Before Kids…

Before kids I used to be able to work on whatever I wanted whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted…  

When I had my first baby I quickly realised I needed a new strategy 😆 

There was no way I could do as much as I used to anymore. But for a long time I stubbornly still tried.

Not only did I not have the time, I had hardly any energy when I did have time available. 

And I was constantly interrupted any time I did sit down to try and get something done.


I loved becoming a mother so much, but I also loved my business, it was growing quickly, and I didn’t want it to be neglected.

 I needed to take care of them both.

 The reality was though, that I just couldn’t do as much work as I used to anymore.

 I felt like a bit of a failure.

 I created so much stress and pressure for myself by continuing to think I could do as much as I used to, but I literally just could not.

Luckily, I had already set up past businesses to run without me in them.

But because in my coaching business I was the face of it, the brand, and people wanted “me”, I found it a little more difficult.

The problems and “reasons” why I couldn’t do that were all in my head though. They always are.

And there really was no other option.

I needed to get my team basically running everything.

So I did.

And I ended up having my first ever million dollar year, the first year that I had a baby.

I was honestly not expecting that lol but it happened.

And I maintained 100k to 150k months right up until I had a second baby and the pandemic fuckery occurred. *insert sarcastic yay*

Here’s WHY and HOW I managed to grow my business so much with a newborn…

  1. I gave myself a “ONE THING PER DAY” rule.
    My reality was that I could only “complete” one task per day (sometimes only one part of a larger task) around taking care of my baby.



  2. I delegated EVERYTHING to my team, even the things I thought I couldn’t.
    Customer support, coaching and teaching my clients, sales conversations, putting my courses together, emails, messenger, literally everything.
    I let go of control & continually asked for help. I trained myself to not “do” anything and instead to ask other people to do it for me. Not out of laziness. Out of productivity-ness.



  3. I got very selective and strategic with what my “ONE THING” needed to be per day. I like working. I have HEAPS of ideas and projects going at all times. I love doing lots of things. But I needed to stay focussed on only the things that would generate income, keep my brand growing, and help my clients. 

For as long as you continue to try and do everything yourself, and put pressure on yourself to do eleventy-billion things every day, you will continue to hold yourself back.

You need to do less. And focus on growth based tasks.

You also need to take care of yourself.

Don’t push yourself to exhaustion, or you won’t be able to do anything good.


If you have children and a business, and you are struggling to find the time and energy to work on your business… or if you are working too much “in it” and honestly believe that you “have to” and that it’s your “only option”

I just want to remind you today that it’s not.

Even if you think you can’t build a business that can run without you working in it all the time, you absolutely can.

And if you want me to show you how, go put your details on the waiting list for my new PEACE LOVE PROFIT membership, and I will help you.

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