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When you’re doing what you’re doing because you think it’s what you should be doing but it’s really not “doing it” for you…

It’s time to pause and take a good hard look at what the actual fuck you ARE doing.

Because you will go crazy if you suppress your core needs and desires for too long.

The craziness manifests in many different ways.

Anger, tears, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, frustration, illness or all of the above.

When you’re not being your authentic SELF, when you’re not listening to your core desires, when you ignore that deep *pull* from within, when you’re trying to shove something down and bury it that so desperately wants to come out.

Eventually, it will find its way out.

And it might not be pretty.

If you’ve been gifted with the super power of entrepreneurialism, you’ll know what it feels like to completely lose yourself while doing what you love.

Losing track of time, forgetting to eat, just wanting to keep go, go, going in that flow forever.

That’s where the magic happens.

THAT is what you are supposed to be doing most of the time.

That’s your purpose.

Not doubting, questioning, conforming, or sacrificing your soul for the approval of others or to “fit in” with whatever the “cool” kids are doing (or telling you you must do).

Deep down you already KNOW what you really want to be doing.

So why do you keep telling yourself it’s not the best use of your time?

That something else *needs* be to put before your need?

For as long as you think you can’t do things the way you really wish you could do them, you will continue to not be able to do things the way you want to do them.

You will always be finding excuses, reasons, thoughts, justifications for why things must be the way they currently are, and why you can’t change.

But this is your reminder that if you are unhappy, unfulfilled, not living your best life…

Then change is really the only option.

And the QUESTION you need to answer once you’ve admitted that change is necessary is; “What do I need to change so that I can spend more time doing what I REALLY want to do”

Write it down, see what comes out.

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