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You’ve got to be a little bit ruthless sometimes…

Mostly with yourself and the things you tell yourself in your mind.

Especially if you want to build a business that can outgrow YOU.

If you want to build a company that you own, that supports you financially, and that can operate without needing you to do any of the work in.

Some days, during some decisions, you’ve got to embrace the “savage” version of you.

The version of you who doesn’t give a fuck what your clients think “because they only want you” or what your employees think “because they’ll think I’m selfish and lazy if I’m not working as much as them”

No boo.

Your new job title & identity needs to become CEO / Visionary.

You have the ideas.
You create the systems.
You hire amazing people.

You can lead the amazing people, but you don’t have to manage them. You can create systems and hire someone for that too.

But you’ve got to stop letting the fear of what people will think or say get in the way of the decisions you’re making.

When you do this, some people are not going to like it. It’s a fact.

You’ve got to let your big vision be stronger than potentially losing a few clients or team members along the way while bringing it to life.

It’s all well and good to care about people, and you absolutely should… of course!!

But don’t sacrifice the life you could be living and the business you could be building just to avoid upsetting a few of them. ✌🏼

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