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Does your business need a good hard kick up the a#&$ ??

If you want to KICK GOALS, it’s time to put on your boss hat, throw on a big gold chunky dollar sign necklace… and get jiggy with it… 

*na na na na na na na* (doing the Will Smith dance)

No but seriously, you do need to stop and ask yourself “hmm  am I really operating at my full potential”?

What if you decided to go BIGGER and stopped playing small and gentle and cautiously and just SMASHED IT?!?!

Go hard or go home, right?

So many business owners are not growing as much or as quickly as they would like because they are just not marketing their businesses at the highest level…

Like, they might do a boosted post on FB, and it gets a bit of attention, they put a few $$ on it, and they have a couple of pissy messages with people each day, and then are like:

“Oh well, business is quiet right now, I’ll blame the economy or the market or the location I’m in or that people just don’t want to spend money right now, or something something”

Is this you? Have you done or said that? For reals?

It’s LIES I tell you, ALL LIES!!

If your business isn’t BUSY it kinda means your marketing is probably just not awesome enough for people to give you any attention.

Straight up.

Either people don’t know you or trust you well enough.

Or they are seeing your posts and ignoring them.

Or you’re not offering them what they really WANT!!??

Some of my shop locations back in the day were in the stupidest locations. Literally nobody would have known we were there.

My prices were NOT THE CHEAPEST either…

But we were ALWAYS busy…


Good marketing my friend… good marketing…

And I want to show you how to have good marketing too…

And even if your marketing is already good and getting results, I want to help you SMASH THE OUT OF IT.

So if you’re committed to kicking tomorrow off with a BANG   join me for this 3 day intensive Facebook Business Booster BOOTCAMP where I’m gonna KICK YOUR BUSINESSES BUTT for 3 days straight!!!

We’re gonna cover:

Day 1) What makes a GREAT Facebook ad and boosted post that actually gets people’s attention and gets them interacting with it and you…

(FINALLY you can *get it* and know what works and what doesn’t and WHYYYY)

Day 2) Creating a killer ad / offer / boost to get your business off to a flying start…

(Let’s start getting you some clients and more likes and people who KNOW YOU EXIST)!!

Day 3) Strategy for BOOSTING your business & sales with ads and boosted posts and how to go BIGGER & BETTER and stop holding yourself back!!

(If you wanna double your sales, you don’t need to double your efforts, you just need to double your marketing!!!)

It’s gonna be fast and dirty… 

It’s gonna be you and me, and your business, ready to get mean and lean, and live up to your FULLEST POTENTIAL.

If you’re ready to CRUSH the competition and out-market them all on FB…

To stand out and get noticed and DOMINATE…

And you’re prepared to go commit to go ALL IN and stop holding back…

Then SAY YES to this 3 Day Business BOOTCAMP. 

Book in a couple of hours over the 3 days NOW so you have time to watch and implement EVERYTHING.

All trainings will arrive in your email inbox as soon as you sign up!

As with everything in life, you only get out what you put in…

So, are you IN?  

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