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You’ve got to see and appreciate a client as a client… no matter what they buy, no matter how much they spend.

If they come to you for a cheaper or low cost product or service for their first visit, that’s GREAT! You got them in the door.

Once they’re a client, and if they have a great experience and decide they like you and your business…

They are far more likely to come back again, and buy more from you, and try more of your services and offers.

(As long as you build connection, relationships and actually offer them more things in a feel good way that benefits them).

Don’t get stuck focussing on which products and services YOU want to sell.

Focus on what your market wants to buy.

And then get to know each person, their pains, their desires, and if appropriate…

Offer them more of what you can do for them.

Think long term.

This one person that bought the most basic thing, if well taken care of, can become a highly valuable client for life.

Don’t be too short sighted. ✌🏼

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