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Your beliefs quite literally shape your reality. ✨

If you believe that 90% of people who message your business page are time wasters, then that’s what you’re going to experience.

But you’ll actually be CREATING and ATTRACTING it based on the energy you’re putting (or not putting) into your conversations.

(info dumping then running away and avoiding the conversation, and blaming the fact they didn’t buy on the lead, anyone)?

If on the other hand, you believe that everyone in your inbox is interested in what you do, and just needs to be taken on the right journey before they buy…

Well, you’ll probably treat them with a little more patience, kindness and care, which is far more likely to actually result in a sale.

If you believe that nothing you do is good enough, and that it’s HARD to get clients or make sales, then once again, that’s also what’s going to show up for you.

If you believe your offer is one of the best things out there, that it’s going to improve your clients lives, and that of course they see the value in it and desire it…

And that is the energy you put into your marketing and sales.

Guess what’s going to happen?
I don’t need to tell you.

Your thoughts create your reality.
Choose the thoughts you WANT to be true.
Feed them into your mind daily until they stick.
You get to choose your thoughts.
You are in control of your mind & reality.

If you don’t think you are, then that’s what you’re going to experience too. 😉

Choose wisely. ✌🏼

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