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One of the things I have done a LOT OF, and what I now teach, is how to get paying customers through your Facebook page using boosted posts.

I used to boost posts every week when I had my salons.
I still boost posts to this day! 

I find it the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get clients.

I used to boost almost every single one of my posts for $5, and the ones that did really well and got me customers, I would boost them again, or even keep them running as an ongoing ad.

If I did a post every day, and I boosted every post for $5, I was only spending $35 per week on advertising, which is nothing really…

Like, I spend more than that at sushi train for myself. 🚂😬🍣

The thing with boosting posts though is that most people do them wrong which is why they don’t get clients from them. 

There is an ART to it.

When you get them right, you can start to get results like this:

Suellen owns a hair salon.

And instead of just posting on her feed showing off her work like most salons do, with some hashtags or a line of text something like “fresh hair for this babe”

She started actually putting some thought and strategy into the words she shared with her posts, turned them into promotions for her salon, started BOOSTING them regularly (so more people saw them) and started getting clients from her posts.

Here’s another screenshot from my Jasmine who does cosmetic tattooing.

Jasmine had been doing the same, just posting lovely photos of her work, and hoping and waiting for people to find her business on social media… 

I helped her to understand how to write posts to go with her photos that actually got attention and made people want to enquire, she started boosting her posts so that more of her ideal clients would see them, and started getting bookings from her posts!

If you are really good at what you do and you know more of your ideal clients need to know about your business and experience your services, and if you’d like some tips and ideas for how to make that happen, feel free to connect with me in these places:



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