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Turn Your Hair & Beauty Images Into Successful Ads That Get Bookings

Have you got so many great images of your work, you’ve posted lots of amazing client results, you know you’re good at what you do, but you’re still not getting enough clients through the door?

I mean, you’re busy enough, you’re successful, things are going well, but, there is definitely room for MORE.

You know you’re capable and ready to take on more clients, help more people, give more work to your team, and get even more great photos and results to show off on your social accounts?!

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Well, it’s not really a secret, but it kind of is because so many people just don’t know about this, or aren’t doing it.

If you take a few of your very best photos, the ones that have the MOST amount of engagement, likes, comments, views, etc – the ones that obviously your audience thought were very impressive…

You can start turning them into Facebook and Instagram ads, and use them to attract and bring in so many more clients!

(This is one of the first things my advertising agency does when we sign on a new client, we do a thorough stalking of all your pics over the last couple of years, look at the ones that got the most intention, and turn them into ads to attract new customers).

You’ve already got the photos there, getting pushed down your Facebook page, and pushed down your Instagram grid.

If you want to be strategic and intentional with the images you take, you really should be trying to get them in front of so many more people.

An image on it’s own is not enough, however.

The writing you put with it, the caption, the call to action, AND the targeting settings you use when you boost a post, will mean the difference between people just seeing a pretty picture and liking it, or people actually messaging you to enquire or to want to make an appointment.

I really want to show you how to do this successfully.

Which is why I’m opening up the doors this week (and giving a little discount) on one of my favourite ever mini courses.


It contains 3 X 1hr lessons (and some bonuses) that will show you how to write and boost successful posts that actually get you clients.

So that from now on, whenever you take an amazing photo of your work, you will know what to write with it, and how to boost it, so that you can start getting more serious and strategic about your marketing and business growth.

If you really want to be one of the best, one of the most well known, and one of the busiest in your area, you really need to take control of making it happen and have an advertising strategy in place.

(Instead of relying on organic posts, hashtags, and waiting for people to discover you).

This is how I grew my salons and my coaching business so quickly in my 20’s.

I ran ads and boosted posts every single week.

I gave myself an advertising budget, and I made sure I spent it to get my work in front of people.

And because of that, we were constantly busy.

There was no waiting, hoping or guessing.

I followed a strategy.

And I want you to experience the same!

And you can get started doing it literally this week.

You can sign up on my website right now:

P.S. When you think about investing in education, advertising or courses, try this trick that I always use.

I ask myself “how many clients / services will it take to cover the cost of this, and then how many more will I be able to get back long term from it?”
Typically with most of my smaller courses like this one, most students end up making back a heck of a lot more than the initial investment as soon as they get one successful ad running!

So if you’re the kind of person who focuses on the return on investment, and who really wants to take your business growth seriously, I highly recommend you do talk yourself into signing up to this one!

Use the coupon code “50OFF” on the checkout page when you get there, and you’ll save $50 off the total amount. 🙏🏽 (Like all my courses, the price is in US dollars).


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