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What To Do When Your Business Has Been Stuck At The Same Level Forever!

If your business has been stuck at the same level forever and it’s not growing as fast as you would like, here are a few reasons why that might be…

✨ You’re in your comfort zone right now. There’s no desire that’s strong enough to pull you forward, and there’s no pain or fear that’s forcing you to get your shit together and make money.

✨ You’re not very profitable. What comes in, goes right back out, you’re not saving or reinvesting money back into the growth of the company. Maybe it’s a pricing problem, maybe it’s your cash flow, maybe your sales and marketing strategy isn’t working well, maybe you’re not tracking anything?

✨ You’re not spending your time on things that actually make money, you’re getting sucked into doing things that you see everyone else doing, and it’s taking up all of your time and energy, but there is little to no monetary return from those activities. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU ARE READY TO LEVEL UP?

🌙 Discover what *fuels* you and let it drive. Are you motivated by money? Growing a well known and loved brand? Buying a new house or car? Travel? Helping people? Or to build a successful business you can sell later? Find what YOUR drive for growth is.

🌙 Take a deep dive into your numbers. Where is your money coming from? Where is it going? Do more of the things that make money, start a savings plan, look at where you can reduce your expenses, and have a price rise or create higher profit offers if needed.

🌙 Become a time nazi, do a time audit, look at where all your time is going, and what kind of return you are getting from where your time is going. (This can be an emotional return as well as a monetary return, do not remove everything that brings you joy). But ask yourself really, am I spending my time on activities that grow my business? If not, schedule them in!

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