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Marketing & Manifesting Your Way To Millions

Every time I try to focus too much on “business” and “marketing” and “sales” and “money” in my content and teachings… I can’t help feeling a bit… meh.

Back when I started coaching I was always ALL ABOUT the importance of self and spiritual development in your business growth journey, as well as all the physical strategy. And yet sometimes along my way, I lose it. Or I get *influenced* by a mentor or someone else’s content and I forget that the *physical* stuff isn’t the only stuff that matters.

There’s been times when I’ve even believed I had to separate the ‘woo woo’ from my business, and have even tried to make it 2 separate brands. But alas, without it, I don’t actually care that much about business growth, tbh. I mean I do, but it’s empty.

The truth is, on my own entrepreneurial journey, I have ALWAYS used manifestation, visualisation, affirmations, journaling and asking the universe for signs…(Even back before I knew what I was doing). And so, after looking back at things like IKIGAI and my LIFE PATH NUMBER and my HUMAN DESIGN I’ve realised I need to once again, step back into my purpose of being a spiritual and personal growth teacher as well as business growth. Because they need to go hand in hand anyway, imo.

I remember a few years ago sitting and talking with my friend Rhi @thefreedomlifestyle__ and saying something like: “I just don’t know how to describe what I actually DO rhi rhi” And she just calmly said to me:“Marketing and Manifesting Your Way To Millions” And I was like:“DUDE” ✨

And then I think I posted it on my insta bio for a while but never did anything with it after that haha…Anyway, I’m writing this today to let you know that I will in fact be including more spiritual and personal growth content into my business again, starting right meow. 😻

Including sharing things that I personally do myself like manifesting money, clients, asking for signs, connecting with my higher self, spirit guides, angel numbers, and all the other crazy magic things.

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