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Make More Profit This January

So I have this monthly membership program called PROVEN PROFITS that’s been designed to help you make more money (and increase your profit) every single month in your business.

Kira just had her best week ever in her beauty salon using the Proven Profits templates & scripts!

I created it because so many business owners struggle with marketing, advertising and money making, and I wanted to make it easier for you to make more MONEY by getting more clients into your business (and keeping them coming back).

In the membership, you get Facebook & Instagram ad templates & instructions, messenger conversation scripts, trainings on how to improve your up-selling, rebooking & follow ups (and all those things that some people feel nervous about and so avoid doing)…

As well as helping you make sure you are actually MAKING A PROFIT from your products and services, and helping you to make sure your business is actually making you money from all the effort and energy you are putting into it!

Like all of my online courses and masterminds, this program is designed so that you actually make a profit from it as you do it!

Here are some recent results from some of the members…

Kelz has made $880 & got 10 new clients in the first month from the ad templates in her beauty salon

Priyanka got 3 new hair salon clients in a day from using the ads & following the messenger scripts.

Yvette had an INSANE result with over 100 new bookings for her laser hair removal service using the ad templates!

And Judith has had 4 new hair extension clients from her ads so far!

The results can and do vary of course depending on how long you’ve been in business and the size of your market, but if you’re in the hair and beauty industry especially (which is my personal background) you can feel confident that you will get clients and make money from using them!

The investment for joining the membership is normally $197 usd per month – and you will absolutely make more than that from using the ads in the program.

(Usually getting just 1-2 new clients a month from using the ad templates covers the investment, and then the rest is profit)!!

But for the month of JANUARY I’m offering 75% off the first month for you to try it.

AND, because I’m so confident you will make money and grow your business from being a part of Proven Profits, I’m doing something crazy and offering you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK if you don’t make a profit or get a new client in your first month. 😱

So you actually will make a profit from proven profits whether the ads work for you or not.

So, if you’re keen to make more profit this month and start growing your business NOW, just click the link below to sign up and make sure to USE THE COUPON CODE JAN21 to get your discount on the first month!


Ideally, you get lots of new clients, make lots more money, and want to stay to get new ads every single month to keep your business growing and growing and growing!

That’s the whole point of the program!

Hope to see you in the private group soon so you can show your wins too!

Sign up & get started with your new ads @

Coupon Code “JAN21”

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