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I always most enjoy the *crazy* things I do with my life.

I always most enjoy the *crazy* things I do with my life.

I bought my dream car, a $100k lotus, with cash only a few months after my second baby was born.

I think everyone around me thought I was having some sort of midlife crisis… 😅

But the truth is I literally just want to have fun with my life and do things that I think would be a once in a lifetime experience!!

(Even if they are completely *impractical*)!

And TBH I love doing things that even I think are ridiculous, because it makes me laugh at myself. 😆

I just randomly decided to take one for a test drive one day because I’ve always loved them and then decided I wanted to experience owning it for a while.

I’m able to do this because believe that I can and because I’ve worked so much on my money mindset and what I believe to be possible and available for myself.

(And also of course because I worked so hard on my business growth for so many years that I could afford to do it)

But I also know that you don’t have to do everything forever and I practice non attachment to physical things & to money in general.

So after about a year and a half I decided I’d had my fun with it and wanted a more family friendly (and comfortable to drive) car and traded it in for a Mercedes Benz that my kids can fit in.

Seriously the lotus was so pretty but was fucking annoying to drive and I actually ended up getting anxiety from how many people stared at me while getting in and out of it. 🙈

(There was also a few years of my life in my 20’s when I owned a hot pink motorbike I used to ride between my salons) 😂

Same thing then, I did it for fun, and because I wanted to. I didn’t concern myself with what people would think.

I just thought “yeah that would be so fun” and talked myself into it.

This is your reminder that you get to CHOOSE the life you want to live. You really do.

You might not know how you’re going to make it happen yet but the important thing is that you have to believe that you can.

Everything can be LEARNED but you are the one that needs to decide that you’re going all in and following your desires (even if they’re not the desires and choices of others around you).

It’s your life. ✌🏼

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