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10 Things You Need To Do If You Want Your Business To Keep Growing

1. Run ads that both generate leads and enquiries and also grow your audience at the same time. If people don’t know about you, they can’t possibly become a client of yours. This is very simple to do when you commit to doing it properly and continually, however many people give up on ads too soon because they are trying to *sell* something straight away to people who don’t know who they are yet, and normally to the wrong audience / interests on FB, or they are talking to them in the wrong way…

2. Make sure every client you do get in your business has a wonderful *onboarding* experience that exceeds their expectations. This will give them an extra good feeling about you and your brand and also keep them coming back, telling people about you and leaving good reviews.

3. Offer every client who buys from you something else that you feel would benefit them and tell them how it will help them further. People want to spend more with you but they can’t if they don’t have an opportunity to.

4. Track and review your numbers every month and make sure you know how much profit you are making. Set aside money that is needed for expenses and re-invest some of the profit into your marketing so that you continue to grow.

5. Contact your existing / past clients regularly, referrals and repeat business are one of the most powerful (and free) ways to keep your business growing, but many business owners are so focussed on trying to get *new* clients and followers all the time they forget about their existing ones! (And so they forget about you too)!

6. Understand and empathise with your customer journey. Meet people where they’re at in your marketing and sales conversations and don’t expect everyone to just be ready to buy from you right away. People go through a range of different thoughts in their mind before they are ready to buy, and it’s your job to help them make the best decision for them in a way that makes them feel comfortable the whole time.

7. Focus DAILY on lead generation and sales. As soon as you focus your attention elsewhere in your business for long enough, your sales will plateau, stop, or even go backwards. You must put time and energy into marketing and sales every single day, or, hire someone who can do this for you (either an employee or marketing agency).

8. Create content and ads and promotions that keep your audience entertained but also educated about what you do. This will position you as an expert in your field. Make sure you are sharing a wide variety of different stories, angles, reasons that people use your products and services that your audience can relate to. Don’t make your content about you, make it about how it will benefit them.

9. Look after yourself and fill up your own cup. If you are continually trying to serve and help others from a cup that is empty or only half full, you will always feel *drained* and can even become resentful, angry, stressed and depressed about your business. It is not your business’ job to “fulFILL” you, you must do things outside of work that make you happy too.

10. If you want to keep GROWING, make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to do so.

Growth can be scary and uncomfortable, it’s important to have a network of people around you who are as “all in” as you are and can help inspire you, and help you through challenges when they occur.

Join a mastermind group or coaching program if you can, that is full of people who have done bigger things than you, who you can learn from, and share with. Business growth becomes extra special if you can share it with people who appreciate it as much as you do.

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