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One important ingredient for getting engagement on your social posts is having the right audience.

Meaning: the people who like your page or follow you are actually people who are interested in what you sell and / or are existing clients.

If you try to build a large following through things like ‘like ladders’ or ‘follow for follow’ you are just attracting people who aren’t actually likely to engage or buy from you…

Because they are just wanting followers, and so are you. You’re probably not their ideal client either.

High numbers of followers can be good for brand credibility, for sure… it makes people perceive you as being successful or trustworthy.

But if those PEOPLE aren’t actually interested in you or what you do, your engagement will be low because they DGAF about your content.

Accounts that get good engagement usually have a high percentage of their followers as active existing clients and ideal clients who are interested in what they do.

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