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What do you do when everything you’re doing isn’t working, and you’re noticing yourself getting more & more frustrated?

The first step is to reset your energy & vibration. 💕

You can’t attract money or clients or excellent ideas while you’re in a state of lack, desperation or feeling resentful for what you do not have.

It’s important that you come back to thinking about your long term vision and letting go of the feeling of needing ‘whatever it is’ right NOW.

Take a few deep breaths, and say internally or out loud “I now choose to let go of control”.

You can try again.
You will keep going (it’s who you are)!

And with the right focus and energy, you will be able to attract the results you want.

Whether your focus is #marketing or #manifesting you need to be in a state of love and appreciation and acceptance for it to work.

So this is your reminder that if you’re not currently experiencing the results you desire, stop, drop & come back to love for yourself, gratitude for your clients, and acceptance for what is. ✨ Then keep going.

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