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Not everyone is going to be successful.

I believe that anyone CAN be successful… but the truth is, most people are just not prepared to do what it takes.

Most people will look for reasons why they can’t.

Most people will blame everything and everyone for why they are not experiencing success.

Most people will let their fears win, and will even let a fear of digging into their fears keep them in a constant circle of fear.

Most people will start something and then talk themselves out of it, or keep changing their mind so many times that nothing they start ever ends up going anywhere.

But you’re not most people, are you?

You’re prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring those big ass dreams of yours to life.

You’re the one who keeps going even when nothing is working and you become hell-bent on figuring out WHY it’s not working and what you can do about it.

You’re the one that keeps believing in yourself despite what anyone else thinks, because you know that’s the most important thing.

You’re the one who identifies your fears, acknowledges them, takes a good hard look at them and works through them until they don’t hold you back anymore.

You are not most people.

So anytime you think you have to be or do what “most people” are doing…

Think again. ✌🏼

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