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Several of my 7 figure+ clients and those who are close to hitting $1M still struggle…

Not with money anymore, but with things like self esteem, imposter syndrome, self doubt, and sometimes just confusion with knowing what they should be doing…

Making more money doesn’t make you a different, happier or more confident person.

In many cases it can actually make you feel more alone or more insecure.

People treat you differently but not always in a good way.

Some people (often those closest to you) can be very judgemental and unsupportive, rather than congratulating you on all your hard work, and it feels like shit.

You realise your problems are now so different to so many other peoples problems and you can find it difficult to relate to them.

And some people see you as just being money driven or greedy and by-pass looking at the thousands of people you’ve served and helped along the way.

I mean, dang, that’s impressive to have built something that has played a part in so many people’s lives!

But what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have.

What matters more is how you feel, especially how you feel about yourself.

And as you grow you NEED a support team or supportive person / people who are in your corner, cheering you on.

You can’t keep growing if you keep doubting yourself or feeling guilty for becoming successful.

You can’t be the best leader and help others believe in themselves if you don’t fully believe in yourself (even though it often feels easier to lift others up)!

So if you don’t have anyone supporting you and your growth right now. Make it top priority.

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