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Q: “My staff member isn’t making the amount of money in my business that I need her to, should I let her go?”

If this is a situation you’re in right now, here’s how to start working through it to find a solution that either results in termination or increasing profit.

I would start by asking:

1. Does she have a crystal clear position description and is she doing the job and tasks she was hired to do correctly?

2. Is it her or is it the marketing or is it her training? Or is it that she isn’t doing something in her job description that she’s supposed to be doing like rebooking, upselling, following up etc

3. Is it an energetic mismatch and your gut is telling you she is not the right person for your business so you are looking for logical reasons to justify letting her go even though you know deep down you want to.

4. Could she improve and do what you want or need her to do with more training or communication? Is it actually her responsibility and job to make profit & get clients coming in, or is it to serve clients when they come in?

Once you know the answers you can move toward knowing which action is the right one to take… 🙏🏼

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