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A few ways to make money this week 💸 (save this one)

1️⃣ Offer a new version of something popular you already sell.

Mix it up, give it a new name or a theme or a special price.

Make it limited edition or limited time.

Focus on promoting it to your existing audience and clients.

People who already know and like you are most likely to buy.

It’s always harder going after brand new customers.

2️⃣ Follow up with existing clients, see how they’re going and if they need anything this week.

3️⃣ Bring back a popular offer or promotion you ran last year or even a few years ago that did well and that you may have completely forgotten about…

If it worked once it can work again, and there are so many new people that follow you now that have probably never seen it before.

It’ll be new to them, and people who bought it last time are likely to buy it again.

🤷‍♀️ Which one tickles your fancy?

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