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So many employers get STUCK with an employee that they KNOW isn’t right for their business…

But they keep them because of the energy, money, time and stress it will cost them to let them go and find and train someone new.

If you’re in this situation, it can feel like you’re trapped in an unhappy relationship. 💔

Typically you will allow yourself to get into this position in the first place if you:

🙈 Are a chronic people pleaser.

🙈 Have no boundaries & let people walk all over you and take advantage of you.

🙈 Have no clear systems or position descriptions in place for your business or your team.

🙈 Are not following a productive and regular team meeting structure, or are not holding team meetings at all.

Sooooo, how do you begin to change this?

You need to put your BOSS HAT ON 🎩 and start making some serious changes.

The fact that you have created jobs out of thin air for people from all of your hard work means that you are an incredible person!!!

But you really do need the type of people working for you and your business that are committed to helping bring YOUR VISION to life and that appreciate and respect you (just as you need to respect and appreciate them in return) IF YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO THRIVE.

Having the wrong people on your team will just make your life and business harder than it needs to be in the long run.

Yes the money is important, but what is also important is the ENERGY, FLOW & RELATIONSHIPS within the environment you have created. 🌟

If you need help and support with building and managing your dream team… send me a DM, fill me in on your situation, and I’ll let you know how I can help xo

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