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One of the reasons so many business owners are always looking for “new clients” and thinking it’s the answer to making more money (and why they ALWAYS seem to be doing that)…

… is because they are not thinking enough, or in some cases, at all, about their existing customers.

And so what that looks like, is like your business is a bathtub, and the customers are the water, and you don’t have the fricken plug in!

So the customers come in… you wash yourself with them ??? and then they go away, down the plug hole…??? and you never see them again… 

Whereas actually, the quickest and best way to grow your business, is to put MORE of your energy, into your existing clients, so that they actually feel like you care, and so they want to continue doing business with you…

Make sense?

It is one of the main things I did in my salons that was responsible for being able to grow so quickly.

My plug was IN.

And my bath (or first shop) started overflowing, so I needed to open another one… and then another…

This is something that Facebook ads or any other kind of marketing just can’t fix.

If your clients are currently not returning to your business…

There is something missing. On the INSIDE of your business.

The place where nobody can actually see what you’re doing.

And where you often don’t even know what you’re doing, because you’re just doing what comes naturally to you…

And if nobody taught you how to treat people in such a way that they fall in love with you, and want to tell everyone how much they love you, and want to come back and see you again as often as possible…

Then how can you know? And how can you improve it?

No amount of “marketing or sales strategies” are going to be able to fix this stuff.

But I’ll tell you what CAN fix it…

YOU (and your team members if you want them to be good at this too) attending this 5 day program with me.

It’s called… wait for it… (something really obvious)…

It’s called: “PUT THE DAMN PLUG IN” 


You are gonna fill that bath, damnit.

And we are going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know in order to keep clients coming back to your business, and telling everyone about you.

So that you can make more money and grow your business FASTER, and buy yourself a vacation to a place with a bath like this in the photo because #GOALS omg how cool is it????

You and me together. For 5 days.

We’ll cover:

How to make brand new clients fall in LOVE with you immediately! 

What kind of words and body language to use around your customers to make them feel comfortable with you and your business. 

How to make sure that AFTER their appointment or purchase from you, they still love you and can’t wait to see you again.

How to get your clients ADDICTED to your business so they never want to leave! 

Making sure you (and your team) do this naturally, on autopilot, without having to think about it, so you can KEEP growing, and growing, and growing! 

You can sign up and get started now, one training in your email inbox per day, for 5 days in a row.

This program was recorded LIVE inside a secret Facebook group, and now it’s available for you to sink your teeth into right now.

Are you IN?

Do you want to FILL YOUR BUSINESS?

The time is now.

Because… if nothing changes… nothing changes!!

1 X payment of $155 USD OR 3 X weekly payments of $55 USD

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