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What to do when so many competitors are opening around you?

I saw someone ask this in a group recently… The fact is there are always going to be new businesses opening and closing in your industry.

Some may stick around and do well, and some may not last long.

Some might be trying to do really cheap versions of the services you worked so hard and so long to become a master at, and leave you feeling angry, frustrated, fearful and desperately wondering if you should be cheaper too…

But this is never the right move, and in this article I want to help you know what will actually help you keep growing, no matter what anyone else is doing!

First things first; the businesses that focus on the competition, and obsess over what they are doing, end up losing.

If you want to stay in business and do well, and become a leader in your industry, you need to stay focussed on your MARKET and obsess over your clients instead.

Focussing on your competitors can put you in a state of comparison, self doubt, desperation, procrastination and even fear about what they will think about you.

Focusing on your clients and on your market, will help you know more about what they actually want, show them things they want to see, tell them things they want or need to hear, and give them the result and experience they are coming to you for.

(Also, your clients don’t want to hear you gossip and complain about the other businesses in town)!

You have full permission to stop following any accounts on social media who make you question yourself.

You have every right to remove yourself from groups that give you anxiety.

And you should take full responsibility for showing up each day and acting like the professional you are and the expert at what you do and staying focused on how you can show the PEOPLE WHO WANT AND NEED YOUR SERVICES what you can do for them!

There is no such thing as competition when you spend most of your time thinking about your customers and how you can exceed their expectations. ✌🏼

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