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Whenever you find yourself about to start thinking about or pointing out what is wrong with something / someone / an idea someone has / something someone else is doing…

Practice becoming curious about whatever it is instead, and ask questions instead of giving opinions.

“What made you want to do that?”
“How did you figure that out?”
“I wonder what they did to get to that result.”
“Why did you choose that option?”
“That’s interesting, tell me why you think that!”

This attitude not only improves your own life and makes you a more open & growth minded person, it will also improve the relationships you have with the people around you.

If other people feel comfortable telling you their ideas knowing they’re not going to be met with criticism or opinions because you choose to be genuinely interested in them instead…

It will make you a more likeable person and you will help people to feel good about themselves, rather than just trying to prove your own point.

🙏🏼 feel free to share xo

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