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Sometimes your ideal client might change as you change…

Sometimes your ideal client might change as you change…

I remember between the ages of 21-26 I WAS my ideal client when I had my beauty business.

I was tanning weekly, wearing hair & lash extensions all the time, clubbing & going to festivals, and doing glamour photoshoots and promo modelling on the side… 🙈

I literally was the type of person who came regularly to my business and used my services.

But when I turned 27 I stopped wanting to live that lifestyle (I felt too old for it honestly) and started wanting to take business more seriously.

It actually became harder for me to market and promote my services when I wasn’t as passionate about using them myself anymore.

I found myself trying to be too “strategic” rather than just showing up online and having fun with my brand.

I also started to find myself feeling annoyed with some of my clients, and I wasn’t proud of that and didn’t know why it was happening!

“Why does something I once loved now mildly piss me off?”

The business hadn’t changed, but I had.

It was then that I started asking myself “what’s next for me?”

And I realised that the kind of people I wanted to surround myself with were not the ones buying from me…

I wanted to surround myself with business owners and entrepreneurs (people like me with shared interests and passions)!!

Which is when I started thinking about becoming a business coach.

So if you’re finding yourself losing touch with the people who buy from you, or if for some reason you are not as passionate about the people you serve or the product you sell…

I’m not saying you need to start a completely new business, but it might help to start having a think about how much you know and relate to your clients, and whether or not that is affecting your ability to connect with them in your marketing.

Let me know if you can relate x

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