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Proven Profits – The Money Making & Marketing Course

Make Money, Fast.

Proven Profits is a Facebook Marketing Membership Program that gives you a new customisable, proven-to-work Facebook ad & sales script EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

You just upload your own images, change the text, post it on FB, boost it or run it as an ad, and watch the enquiries & bookings roll in.

Then, you just follow the instructions & sales conversations to get new enquiries turning into happy paying customers.

After that, you set up a relationship & rebooking strategy to keep your new clients in love with you & buying from you again & again ?

Sounds good, yeah?

Proven Profits was created because I wanted to share my own best performing ads that were responsible for helping me to grow my business with Facebook.

Also, because I keep coming up with new ideas for ads all the time, and because I like to try and make things as simple and easy as possible for people…

I decided to create a monthly membership where you get a new ad template to use every single month!!!

It’s just like having someone do your Facebook advertising for you except SO MUCH cheaper!!

And every month you will have a NEW ad to use to keep your marketing interesting!!

As well as sales conversation trainings and scripts to help you talk your leads and enquiries via FB chat and turn them into clients!!

AND templates to help you follow up with old enquiries, clients, and emails to send out to your database every month!!!

If “NOT ENOUGH TIME” is one of your biggest struggles right now, or if you think things like “CAN’T SOMEONE JUST DO IT FOR ME”…

Then honestly, proven profits has been designed just for you.

Check out some of the results that members have been getting below!

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Amazeballs, Right?!

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up, you get directed to the NEW private Facebook group where you will join and get access to all the first templates for month one!!

Then you will also start getting all your other monthly templates via EMAIL (so make sure your email is spelled correctly when you sign up)!

You can also use the group to show off your results and ask for feedback or advice when you need it.

Once you get access to the templates and read through them thouroughly and watch the video trainings that go with them, you then follow the simple instructions to create your new Facebook posts that are designed to get a lot of enquiries from potential new customers!

You then boost the post to your target customers and follow the sales scripts to get those new leads and enquiries in the door to become paying clients who love you!

And finally you use the suggested upsell, rebook & follow up scripts to send to your existing client database to keep them engaged and coming back to your business!

The overall goal of the program is for you to generate a consistent stream of enquiries help you to turn them into paying clients AND to make it easy for you to get them coming back!

You will get a NEW customisable ad template and script every single month for 12+ months which is designed to keep your marketing interesting and appealing to your target audience!

If you implement all of these templates every single month for the next 12 months you will grow your business bigger & bigger!!!

You can then run them all over again the next year from the start!

What’s Included?

There’s ads to get NEW clients & page likes.

? There’s ads & posts for your EXISTING clients.

? There’s ads for promoting your best selling services.

There’s ads for promoting gift vouchers!

? There’s ads for special occassions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, XMAS & More!

And they just keep on coming!

You can use them exactly as they are, or customise them slightly to suit your brand, personality & style! (Recommended)

Who is it for??

If you have a business that is actively selling a product or service that you want to sell MORE of… this is for you!

If you have a POSITIVE attitude and you love to invest in your business and are happy to spend money on ads… this is for you!

If you are serious about business growth and making a lot of money… this is for you!

If you are someone who doesn’t give up easily and is prepared to try new things with an open mind… this is for you!

If you NEED a boost of new clients right now to get your business BOOMING, this is for you!

Who is it NOT for??

If you give up easily if things don’t work the first time, do not join.

If you have a habit of complaining about your customers or staff members or life in general, do not join.

If you are skeptical and judgemental and don’t actually believe that this could work for you, do not join.

If you are desperately after a “quick fix” to make money and aren’t focussed on long term business growth, do not join.

I only want to teach and work with positive minded & committed entrepreneurs who are hungry for success, who have an abundance mindset & who live in a state of love and gratitude.

So are you a super awesome person with a super awesome business who is ready for super awesome results!!??

Then it’s time to join the Proven Profits membership and get started right away.

Implement all the things and it MORE THAN pays for itself!!!

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It’s like swapping one client (or less) per month for the ability to bring in as many more as you like!!




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