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I’ve been doing a lot of stalking… 👀

(Of my clients and followers Facebook and Insta accounts)

And I’ve been paying close attention to the different levels of engagement lots of businesses are getting on different platforms.

And comparing them.
And finding patterns.

It becomes obvious after a while what types of content are working well and getting attention and interaction right now…

And which are getting minimal likes, minimal comments, and therefore, minimal reach.

Meaning: FB and IG shows your posts to less and less people because they assume nobody likes your content 🥴

That’s simply how the algorithm works.

If people like and interact with what you post, your posts will be shown to more and more people.

If you’re not getting much interaction, then they won’t give you more attention.

So HOW do you get more engagement and interaction???

You either need to start asking for it (making your posts more interactive)…

Or sharing more content that people actually want to tag people in, share their opinions on, or share with their friends.

Do you want to know HOW to do this and SEE some real examples?

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