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If your business isn’t making you the amount of #money you want to be making…..

If your business isn’t making you the amount of #money you want to be making, it’s likely due to one or more of the following things:

Your marketing or offers are not what people actually want to see or buy & are not encouraging your audience or followers to turn into leads or clients.

The people who need you don’t know you exist (lack of advertising).

Your sales strategy or conversations are not working to convert enquiries into customers and even if you are getting lots of leads, you are losing the sale because of a lack of sales skills.

Something is missing in the customer experience and people actually don’t want to come back because of it.

You are not making a profit because your prices are not high enough and all of your profit goes back into expenses like product, rent, wages & bills (nothing left over)!

Your brand isn’t positioning you the way it should or attracting the type of people you want to work with, and people are choosing to go with someone else who looks better or who they relate to more.

You don’t believe in yourself enough or that you are able to or worthy of being highly successful and financially abundant.

You don’t have a support network or person to encourage you to keep growing.

You are not willing to invest time or money into learning the skills you need to keep growing, or on working on yourself to become the person your business needs you to be.

You’re not motivated because you don’t have a clear personal goal that actually makes you WANT to work for it.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? 🙃

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