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I bet you are doing things that are not the best use of your time or energy.

And that for some reason you think you have to do them, or that it’s better for you to do them.

But those repetitive tasks are not what you should be doing as a business OWNER.

In the beginning, sure, it’s all you.

But as you grow and keep growing, even though you might have taken on some helpers, you might find your ‘to-do’ list just keeps getting longer and longer!

And if you feel yourself getting exhausted just thinking about it, then that’s a sign that you actually should be practicing letting go, rather than doing more.

Ask for help.
Pay for help.
Delegate more tasks.
Systemise things and find people to do them.

Whether you currently believe it is possible or not you CAN actually build a business that doesn’t even need you working in it at all.

And if you want to be able to keep growing, it’s necessary to do it.

You are sometimes the only thing that is standing in your own way.

But you need to be able to SEE it before you can do anything about it. 👀

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