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CRAZY or creative genius? 🧐

There’s not much difference between them, right?

I’ve often wondered “wtf is wrong with me” when it feels like I’m sooooo different to so many other business owners out there.

I was opening new shops left right and centre in my 20’s … (while travelling the world).

Now in my 30’s I’m poppin out babies and whipping out new courses when I feel like it. Using a combination of marketing and manifesting to make millions online…

But I regularly still feel like I have no idea what I’m actually doing and I still wonder if I’m doing it right. (Whatever it is).

I often feel like I SHOULD follow a strategy, but every time I try I rebel against it and fuck it up. 😹

So what is my strategy???

I’m calling it:


It’s been the one that works the best for me so far.

(Most of the time) 🙈

Even back before I started studying business or had ever picked up a self development book.

My strategy was always “I feel like doing that now, I’m gonna do it”

Yeah I got called weird, crazy, unprofessional, and other things sometimes…

But the truth is the real success and fulfilment you crave comes from allowing yourself to be the real you, and to embrace that part of yourself.

If there’s a part of you that’s looking for answers and doesn’t think you have what it takes…

I want you to know that there’s also a part of you that knows EXACTLY what to do, and all you need to do is start listening to it.

You’re going to have thoughts that try and stop you.

But you’re already mad, so you’ve got to start talking to yourself more and telling those thoughts to SHFU so you can let the crazy outttttttttt. 😜

And remember, all creative geniuses are definitely at least a little bit crazy.

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